FaxMan Jr. Controls
FaxmanJr Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method CancelFax

Cancels the currently in-progress fax operation.

Public Method ImportFiles

Converts the specified file(s) into FaxMan format. The input files may be in PCX, DCX, TIFF, BMP, PDF* or ASCII text format.

Public Method Listen

Causes the FaxMan Jr. control to listen for incoming calls.

Public Method Receive

Causes FaxMan Jr. to wait for a specified number of rings (or zero rings) and then attempt to receive a fax.

Public Method SendFax

Sends the fax specified by the Fax properties.

Public Method WaitForEvent

Waits for a change in the control’s status.

Public Properties

Public Property Class

Specifies the class this device currently supports (Class 1, Class 2, or Class 2.0).

Public Property DeviceInit

Determines the string used to initialize a faxmodem

Public Property DeviceResetDetermines the string used to reset a faxmodem
Public Property FaxBanner

The FaxBanner is a line of text that may be added to the top of each fax page sent. The banner is intended to help the recipient keep the appropriate fax pages together by providing an identifier on each page. The FaxBanner may be formatted with control characters to determine information or spacing.

Public Property FaxComments

Specifies comments to be used when sending the fax. The comments may be displayed on the coverpage.

Public Property FaxCompanyThe name of the company to which the is being sent.
Public Property FaxCoverPage

Specifies the coverpage to be used when sending a fax.


Public Property FaxFiles

Specifies the fax files to be sent or the name of a fax file to be created.

Public Property FaxNameSpecifies the name of the Fax recipient.
Public Property FaxNumber

Specifies the phone number to which the fax should be sent.

Public Property FaxResolution

Specifies the resolution to be used when transmitting the fax.

Public Property FaxSubject

Specifies the subject of the fax.

Public Property FaxUserData

The FaxUserData is a user defined field for fax information.

Public Property LocalID

Specifies the 20 character identifier used to identify this faxmodem during fax transmissions.

Public Property Port

Sets the comm port to be used by the FaxMan Jr. control.

Public Property ReceiveDir

Sets the directory where FaxMan Jr. will place subsequently received faxes.

Public Property Status

Returns the state of the FaxMan Jr control.

Public Property StatusObject

Returns a StatusObject containing the current status of the FaxMan Jr control.

Public Property UserCompany

The UserCompany is the name of the Company which is sending the fax.

Public Property UserFaxNumber

The UserFaxNumber is the Fax Number of the Company which is sending the fax.

Public Property UserName

The UserName is the name of the person which is sending the fax.

Public Property UserVoiceNumber

The UserVoiceNumber field is for the voice number of the person which is sending the fax.


Public Event CompletionStatus

Fired when the fax job has completed to let your application know what the end-result of the job was.

Public Event EndTime

Fired when the faxmodem has hung up the phone line.

Public Event Message

Fired when a debug string is output.

Public Event NegotiatedParms

This event is fired when the faxmodem has completed initial negotiations with the remote fax device.

Public Event Pages

The Pages event is fired once at the start of a sending operation to indicate the number of total pages (including cover page) to be sent.

Public Event ReceiveFileName

This event is fired during a receive session to indicate the path and filename of the file used to store the received fax.

Public Event Ring

This event is fired in the context of a Listen method call whenever a ring is detected on the phone line.

Public Event StartTimeFired after the faxmodem dials out.
Public Event Status

Fired during fax send/receive sessions to indicate significant milestones during the process.

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