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Item Property
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FaxFinder Object : Item Property

Glossary Item Box


Returns a DeviceDesc object for each fax modem found during Auto Detection.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property Item( _
   ByVal nIndex As Integer _
) As DeviceDesc




This function returns a DeviceDesc Object for each fax modem discovered after executing the AutoDetect method. The nIndex parameter should be a number between zero and the DeviceCoun property minus one.


This property is the default property of the FaxFinder control.


Visual BasicCopy Code
Dim i As Integer
Dim desc As DeviceDesc
For i = 1 To FaxFinder1.DeviceCount

    Set desc = FaxFinder1(i - 1) ‘This Is a zero-based enumeration

    Text1.SelText = "Port " & Str(desc.Port) & vbCrLf

    Text1.SelText = "Supports: "

    If desc.bClass1 Then Text1.SelText = "Class 1 "
    If desc.bClass2 Then Text1.SelText = "Class 2 "
    If desc.bClass20 Then Text1.SelText = "Class 2.0 "

    Text1.SelText = vbCrLf & vbCrLf

Next i

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