FaxMan Jr
Fax Resolution


Faxing technology allows any fax to be sent in either high or low resolution. FaxMan Jr. allows your application to select between high and low resolution quite easily by setting the FaxResolution Property to 0 for low resolution and 1 for high resolution. Simple, right?


Well, not quite so simple. The thing to keep in mind is that the files you’re trying to fax may be stored in a different resolution from the resolution you’re trying to send them at. This means that FaxMan Jr. may have to stretch or compress your files to send them at the resolution you’re asking for. The practical result of this is that images you’ve created at low resolution and sent at high resolution may look somewhat blockier than you think they should. Likewise, high-resolution images sent at low resolution may be missing lines, especially on detailed images or small text.


Another problem is that the fax device you’re sending to may not allow sending in high resolution. In this case, the fax will be sent at low resolution regardless of your request to send at high resolution. This case is rare, as most modern devices can readily handle high-resolution images, but it can happen.



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