FaxMan Jr
FaxMan Jr and Visual Studio 2005

When using FaxMan Jr with Visual Studio 2005 it is important to set the Target platform for solutions you build to x86 instead of the default AnyCPU. If you fail to set this option then applications using FaxMan Jr will not be able to run on 64 bit versions of Windows and will fail with a BadImageFormat exception when trying to load the FaxMan Jr. controls.


The reason for the exception is that the FaxMan Jr controls are written in Managed C++ code and compiled with Visual Studio 2003 and as such as 32 bit controls. Without the x86 Target option being set, the .Net framework will try to run the application as 64 bits and the 32 bit FaxMan Jr controls cannot be loaded. With the x86 option the application will be loaded as a 32 bit application and the controls can load sucessfully.






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