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Getting Started – Initializing the FaxMan Jr. Control

The FaxMan Jr. control has several properties that you must consider before you can actually begin sending or receiving faxes. You would generally set these properties one time for each FaxMan Jr. control, then continually send or receive without altering them. Note that most of these properties default to a generally useful value – you just need to be aware of when you might want to alter these default values. The initialization properties are:


Port – sets the communications port that FaxMan Jr. will use to communicate with the faxmodem. This value is generally, but not limited to, 1 to 4 (Com1 to Com4), though it is possible to have more comm ports through the use of a multi-port serial card. Note that this value is not set to a default value – you must set the Port property before using FaxMan Jr. This implies that you or your application must ask the end-user which ports are installed, or that you somehow have knowledge of which comm ports have faxmodems on them – the FaxFinder control solves this problem if you haven’t already determined the proper port through other means.


Class – Sets the class of the faxmodem to Class 1, Class 2, Class 2.0 or Class 2.1, as described earlier in the documentation in the faxmodem overview. This property defaults to Class 1, and this will work on 90% of the faxmodems available on the market. You would only need to change this property if you had a faxmodem that didn’t support Class 1 or if you wanted to use one of the other device settings.


Reset – The Reset property is a string of characters that is used to reset the faxmodem to a known state in preparation for fax processing. FaxMan Jr. defaults to a generally acceptable value for this string. You may, depending on your application, have a special situation that requires a different Reset string.


Init – The Init string, like the Reset string, is a string of characters. It is used to initialize the faxmodem for faxing operations. As with the Reset string, FaxMan Jr. provides a generally acceptable default value.



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