FaxMan Jr
Distributing the FaxMan ActiveX Components


The following 3 DLLs must be registered in the order that they appear below. You can use Regsvr32.exe

to do this, if necessary.






These files are used for both importing and sending faxes and will need to be put in the same directory as the ClassX.dll.








The following file is only required if the optional PDF Import Add-on has been purchased:



Instructions for the FaxMan Jr. ActiveX Print Control


The following ocx will need to be registered.




All of these files should be installed in the System directory to ensure that they are available at application run time. All files have version resource information to allow your installation to be sure of installing the latest versions. The Printer Driver files can be installed using the Faxinstall.bat utlility or via the FaxMan Jr Printer controls.


Windows 95 Installation Information

FaxMan Jr. is multithreaded and requires a version of the Microsoft COM libraries that support threaded objects. These libraries are part of Microsoft’s DCOM installation.


DCOM is already installed on Windows 98,ME, NT4, Windows 2000/XP. If a client has installed Internet Explorer Version 4 or above on a Windows 95 machine it is also present there. Only Windows 95 machines that do not have Internet Explorer version 4 installed will not have DCOM installed. In this case you will need to install DCOM prior to installing FaxMan Jr.


One way to check if DCOM is installed from your installation script is to check in the registry.


 Key: "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OLE"

 ValueName: "EnableDCOM"

 Value: "Y" or "N"

Regardless of this value the presence of this ValueName indicates that the necessary files are installed.


If DCOM is not installed DCOM will need to be installed before the FaxMan Jr. components can be registered. So install DCOM98 using the following command line parameter to

run in silent mode:


and if you want to handle the reboot from within your installation script use the following command line parameter to prevent reboot:



If you want to continue your installation once the computer has rebooted add the following entry to the registry before you reboot.



 Key: "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce"

 ValueName: "Your App"

 Value: "c:\mypath\setup.exe"

Where "c:\mypath\setup.exe" points to your setup package.




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