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The following tables list the members exposed by Faxing.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorFaxing Constructor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyContainer (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Public PropertyCurrentFaxGet the fax object for the current fax being sent out.  
Public PropertyDeviceStatusGet Modem Status  
Public PropertyLocalIDSpecifies the Local ID of the fax port, often the company name or phone number, restricted to 20 characters.  
Public PropertyModemMandatory, specify which device to send or receive faxes with.  
Public PropertyReceiveDirSpecifies the Directory Received files are written into.  
Public PropertySite (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Protected Properties
Public Methods
Public MethodCancelFaxCancel the current fax whether sending or receiving.  
Public MethodCreateObjRefCreates an object that contains all the relevant information required to generate a proxy used to communicate with a remote object. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodDisposeOverloaded.  (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Public MethodGetLifetimeServiceRetrieves the current lifetime service object that controls the lifetime policy for this instance. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodImportFilesCreates a fax files from the specified input files.  
Public MethodInitializeLifetimeServiceObtains a lifetime service object to control the lifetime policy for this instance. (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodInitializeLoggingInitiates the storing of Fax debug log file for whichever device that is associated with this instance of the control.  
Public MethodListenListen for an incoming fax call. Used in conjunction with the Ring Event.  
Public MethodReceiveReceive a fax after specified number of rings.  
Public MethodSendSend the fax passed in.  
Public MethodToString (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Protected Methods
Public Events
Public EventDisposed (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Public EventFaxCompletionStatus  
Public EventFaxMessage  
Public EventFaxNegotiatedParameters  
Public EventFaxReceiveFileName  
Public EventFaxRing  
Public EventFaxSetEndTime  
Public EventFaxSetPages  
Public EventFaxSetStartTime  
Public EventFaxStatus  
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