FaxMan Jr
Creating Fax Files


The fax files used by FaxMan Jr. are multi-page files (i.e., a single file can contain an unlimited number of fax pages) which are stored in a TIFF Group 3 file .


It is important to note that FaxMan Jr. can accept any number of files in a single fax event. The files are simply "chained" together at schedule time by separating them with a "+" character, like this:




This makes it extremely easy to keep your sales literature, for example, in separate attachment files (say one file for each product you sell) and then "chain" together a single fax event which contains information on all the products the client is interested in.


FaxMan Jr. can only fax files that are in a special file format. This file format, the FMF file format, is a TIFF Group3 file. There are basically only three ways to create FMF files:


  1. Use the FaxMan Jr. Print Drivers and ActiveX control – by far the most common method, this allows users to generate faxable files from virtually any Windows application. Instructions on how to do this are located elsewhere in this manual.


  1. Use the ImportFiles Method to convert PDF*, monochrome BMP, PCX, DCX, or TIFF images (created by other methods) into FMF files. To do this, you simply pass the names of the files you wish to convert to the ImportFiles Method, as follows :


Faxctl.ImportFiles "c:\faxes\temp.fmf", "c:\images\sample.tif+c:\images\test.pcx"


The first parameter is the output file you’re trying to generate, the second parameter is the list of files you wish to convert.


All pages of multi-page TIFF, PDF or DCX image files will be converted for you. FaxMan Jr. only converts monochrome images. If the image is a color image or has an associated palette (an image could be a 256 color BMP with only black and white pixels on the image) the image will need to be dithered down to black and white. ImageMan can provide this functionality as well as much more, see below. If the image is less then a full page it will be padded with white space to the right of the image.


  1. Use DTI’s ImageMan product to convert any of the raster file formats ImageMan supports, including the ability to scale, color reduce, and dither images. When converting any image to an FMF file using ImageMan the following steps need to be taken into consideration: The file needs to be reduced to a monochrome image. The image will need to be scaled or cropped to 1728 pixels wide. Using the SaveOptions settings the TIFF_XRES will need to equal 200 and the TIFF_YRES will need to be set to 98 for low resolution faxes or 196 for high-resolution faxes. The image length is up to the user but for an 11-inch long page at high resolution the height will need to be set to 2156. Fillorder=2 (reverse byte order), and either single or multi strip is OK.


* Requires optional PDF Import Add-on. For more information visit our website.



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