FaxMan Jr
Creating Fax Files

FaxMan Jr Fax files are standard Group3 compressed multi page tiff files with a required set of TIFF tags and attributes. There are three basic ways to create files you can fax with FaxMan Jr:


  1. Using the FaxMan Jr printer driver
    This is the most common method of creating files and also the simplist for most applications. The FaxMan virtual printer driver can be installed programmatically by your application using the Printer Control or can be installed as part of your application's install. Once installed the driver takes print output and creates a faxable file and notifies your application via the PrintComplete event of the Printer control.
  2. Importing TIFF, BMP, TXT  and PDF* Files
    Using the ImportFiles method of the Faxing class your application can import black & white (1 bit) TIFF, BMP, DCX, PCX files as well as TXT and optionally PDF files.
  3. Creating TIFF files directly
    You can use an imaging toolkit such as our ImageMan.Net toolkit or others to create TIFF files with the proper attributes. Basically the TIFF file must meet the following specifications:


* The FaxMan PDF Import Addon is an optional, extra cost addon. The FaxMan Jr install includes a trial version of this option allowing you to test the PDF Importer.
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