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FaxMan Jr includes 60 days of free phone, email, fax and web support. The sixty day support period starts with your first support call, after that several plans are available to provide various levels of support. Visit our website at www.data-tech.com for complete plan details and to order.


Before contacting DTI for technical support, be sure to thoroughly read and understand the FaxMan Jr. documentation, and check our online knowledge base for more up to date information about FaxMan Jr.


Our website also hosts our Online Update Center, which allows you to obtain updates to the latest FaxMan Jr. release. You’ll need to have your serial number handy and have registered your product to be able to use this service. You can also sign up for the FaxMan mailing list on our website. Once signed up, you’ll receive automatic e-mail notifications of updates and other important information about FaxMan Jr.

For communication problems with FaxMan Jr. you should also consult the Common Problems section


Be sure to check out the DTI Knowledge base located on our website for answers to common issues. Our website also contains our Online Update center  which you can use to download updates to the FaxMan Jr. product. You'll need your serial number, zipcode and country to be able to download updates. Be sure to send in your registration information so you can take advantage of this service.



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