FaxMan Jr
Class 2/2.0 Modem Hangup Codes

Class 2/2.0 Modem Hangup Codes


Code Description

0-9 Call Placement and Termination


0 Normal and proper end of connection

1 Ring detected without successful handshake

2 Call aborted from either +FK or AN

3 No Loop Current


10-19 Transmit Phase A & Misc. Errors

10 Unspecified Phase A error

11 No Answer (T.30 T1 timeout)


20-39 Transmit Phase B Hangup Codes

20 Unspecified Transmit Phase B error

21 Remote cannot receive or send

22 COMREC error in transmit Phase B

23 COMREC invalid command received

24 RSPREC error

25 DCS sent three times without response

26 DIS/DTC received 3 times; DCS not recognized

27 Failure to train at 2400 bit/s or +FMS value

28 RSPREC invalid response received


40-49 Transmit Phase C Hangup Codes

40 Unspecified Phase C Transmit error

43 DTE to DCE data underflow


50-69 Transmit Phase D Hangup Codes

50 Unspecified Phase D transmit error

51 RSPREC error

52 No response to MPS repeated 3 times

53 Invalid response to MPS

54 No response to EOP repeated 3 times

55 Invalid response to EOM

56 No response to EOM repeated 3 times

57 Invalid response to EOM

58 Unable to continue after PIN or PIP


70-89  Receive Phase B Hangup Codes

70 Unspecified Phase B receive errors

71 RSPREC error

72 COMREC error

73 T.30 T2 timeout, expected page not received

74 T.30 T1 timeout, after EOM received


90-99 Receive Phase C Hangup Codes

90 Unspecified Phase C receive errors

91 Missing EOL after 5 seconds

92 Unused Code

93 DCE to DTE buffer overflow

94 Bad CRC or frame (ECM or BFT modes)


100-119 Receive Phase D Hangup Codes

100 Unspecified Phase D receive errors

101 RSPREC invalid response received

102 COMREC invalid response received

103 Unable to continue after PIN or PIP


120-255 Reserved Codes



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