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The Portable Document Format or PDF has become the best way to transfer richly formatted documents including text and images. Data Techniques has been able to leverage it's extensive experience with graphics to provide the ability to save images in Adobe's PDF Format.


Data Techniques PDF Exporter provides full imaging export support that is 100% compatible with the current version of the PDF format 1.6, fifth edition, released in November of 2004. It is also backward compatible to version 1.3, second edition, released in July 2000 this was the version supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader* 4. If the 128 bit encryption option is used then it must be a version 1.4 file and will need Adobe Acrobat Reader* 5 or greater.


The Image Support provided by Data Techniques PDF Exporter includes several options for saving your images. These allow for high compression ratios as well as maximum flexibility. These options include the ability to save textual information, like Author, Subject or Keywords. As well as specifying the compression format and formatting options, such as the PNG filter used in the Flate compression method. By using Incremental Updates the PDF Exporter allows you to save multiple page files or append pages at a later date even if they are different color depths or image formats.

Import Library - Optional Addon


Export Library -Optional Addon



 ImageMan supports writing 1, 4, 8, 24, and 32 bit images. PDF files can be imported as either 8 or 24 bit images.





Data Type







Is mapped to the (Producer) field in the file.



Is mapped to the (Title) field in the file.



Is mapped to the (Subject) field in the file.


Is mapped to the (Creator) field in the file.


Is mapped to the (Keywords) field in the file.


Is set to "ON" or "OFF"

Encryption Options


Option Block Value



Owner Password

truncated or padded to 32 bytes, can be empty string


Owner Password

truncated or padded to 32 bytes, can be empty string


User Password

Truncated or padded to 32 bytes, can be left at the

default or explicitly set as an empty string. This allows

for an encrypted document that does not need a

password to access at the permission level you have



"ON" or "OFF"

Defaults to "ON", allows printing


"ON" or "OFF"

Defaults to "ON", allows modifications



"ON" or "OFF"

Defaults to "ON", allows cut and paste



"ON" or "OFF"

Defaults to "ON"

You must set ENCRYPT_40 or ENCRYPT_128 to limit user access using the PDF_PRINT,

PDF_MODIFY, PDF_COPY, PDF_FORM_FIELDS options. Either can be set with an empty "" string

and the default encryption key will get generated. As long as the user password defined by

ENCRYPT_USER is not defined or set to an empty string "" the document can be accessed without

needing to type in a password. Set either ENCRYPT_128 or ENCRYPT_40 if both are set

ENCRYPT_40 will be used and the associated owner password.


Compression Options

The following compression methods are supported by the PDF Exporter by setting the PDF_COMPRESS

option to any of the following Option Block Tag strings.



Supported Color depths




CCITT Group 3 compression is the standard in fax communications.



CCITT Group 4 compression is a two dimensional compression method. And is one of the best for black and white images that have

around 5-10% coverage and are mainly text or line art.



Run Length Decode or RLE is not optimal and can lead to larger images then ones that are not compressed at all in worst case scenarios.



LZW decoding provides excellent compression for images with palettes including black and white images that have higher coverage, and color images made up of either text or graphics. Our implementation of LZW also includes a predictor which yields reasonable compression for 24 bit color images as well.



FLATE or PNG compression is probably the best choice if you need to pick one compression method for all color depths. It is also the best

choice if you need lossless compression for 24 bit images. Flate compression has support for the standard PNG filters  NONE|SUB|UP| AVERAGE|PAETH) using the PNG_FILTER

option block setting. As well as the ability to specify the amount of compression using the PNG_COMPRESS option on a level from 1 to 9, 9 is the highest compression, 8 is the default.



JPEG encoding is an excellent choice for 24bit color photographs or computer rendered images. It is lossy and therefore even though it has excellent compression some loss of information can happen, especially when two colors of sharp contrast form a sharp line, there can be some artifacts or haloing in the adjacent pixels. The LOSSY_QUALITY option block setting lets you specify the compression from 1 to 99 with 99 being the highest image quality, 75 is the default.

Multiple Page Files

To create a multipage image make sure AppendImage is set to ON and Overwrite is set to OFF. If you encrypt multipage files they must be saved with the same Encryption options, particularly the ENCRYPT_USER or User Name value. An error will be thrown if you try to: append an unencrypted

page to an encrypted file, append an encrypted page to an unencrypted file, or save with a different User Name. The Encryption Permission Set and Key Length must be the same as well.




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