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The Portable Document Format or PDF has become the best way to transfer richly formatted documents including text and images. Data Techniques has been able to leverage it's extensive experience with graphics to provide the ability to save images in Adobe's PDF Format.


PDF Export Addon

Data Techniques royalty free PDF Export Addon provides full imaging export support that is 100% compatible with the current version of the PDF format 1.6, fifth edition, released in November of 2004. It is also backward compatible to version 1.3, second edition, released in July 2000 this was the version supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader* 4. If the 128 bit encryption option is used then it must be a version 1.4 file and will need Adobe Acrobat Reader* 5 or greater.


The Image Support provided by Data Techniques PDF Export Addon includes several options for saving your images. These allow for high compression ratios as well as maximum flexibility. These options include the ability to save textual information, like Author, Subject or Keywords. As well as specifying the compression format and formatting options, such as the PNG filter used in the Flate compression method. By using Incremental Updates the PDF Exporter allows you to save multiple page files or append pages at a later date even if they are different color depths or image formats. PDF files can also be saved with 48 or 128 bit encryption.


PDF Import Addon

The royalty free PDF Import Addon provides full support for reading PDF Version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 single and multipage PDF files. Supports CCITT G3, G4, Flate and JPEG embedded images and supports JBIG2 and JPEG200 compressed PDF files. Supports Type 1, True Type, Type 0 and Type 3 fonts.


Included in the ImageMan ActiveX Installation is a trial version of the PDF Support Addons which provides the full functionality of the licensed products with the addition of a watermark thats added to each PDF page that's written or read.


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