ImageMan ActiveX
Transferring Images to and from the Visual Basic PictureBox

Using the Image control's VBPicture property it is possible to transfer images to and from Visual Basic PictureBox controls.


To transfer an image from the ImageMan control to the VB PictureBox just assign the Image Control's VBPicture property to the PictureBox's Picture property. Images can be transferred from the PictureBox to the ImageMan control by assigning the PictureBox's Picture property to the Image control's VBPicture property.


To copy an image to the Visual Basic PictureBox:



ImageControl1.Picture = "c:\demo.gif"


' Now copy image to the VB PictureBox

Picture1.Picture = ImageControl1.VBPicture


' Now copy it back to the Image control

ImageControl1.VBPicture = Picture1.Picture




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