ImageMan ActiveX
Getting Image Information

Several Image control properties return information about the current image. The image width and height are returned in the %ImageWidth:IMACTX8~ImageControl~ImageWidth% and %ImageHeight:IMACTX8~ImageControl~ImageHeight% properties. These values are expressed in pixels.


The %ImageXRes:IMACTX8~ImageControl~ImageXRes% and %ImageYRes:IMACTX8~ImageControl~ImageYRes% properties return the image's resolution in dots per inch. Be careful when using these properties though, since some images don't contain resolution information, in which case these properties will return zero.


The %ImageColors:IMACTX8~ImageControl~ImageColors% property returns the number of colors that the image contains.


The %ImageAttributes:IMACTX8~ImageControl~ImageAttributes% property provides a collection of all the tags stored within an image. This can be used for getting opened image details such as compression, image format type, etc. Image Attributes are also used to read and write image format specific data such as TIFF Tags or GIF data blocks.



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