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Encapsulated Postscript Image Format


Encapsulated PostScript is the graphics file format used by the PostScript language, usually implies that the file contains a bit-mapped representation of the graphics for display purposes.

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Level1 (b/w & grayscale, to 8bit) Encapsulated postscript files with and without display images are read. If the EPS file doesn t contain a TIFF or Windows Metafile display image, ONLY the filename of the EPS image will be displayed.

This release supports writing 1, 4, and 8 bit bi-level and grayscale images. The files that are written conform to the EPS specification and do not include the TIFF preview image at this time. EPS images written using ImageMan can be read by ImageMan as raster images. This means that although they do not include a TIFF preview image, ImageMan will read the raster data and display it instead of displaying only the file information.



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