ImageMan ImTwain Control Version 8
ImTwain Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method CloseSource

Closes current scanner session.

Public Method GetCapability

Returns the value of any capability of the current scanner.

Public Method NegotiateCapabilityThe recommended method to use for setting Capabilities.
Public Method Scan

Initiates a scan and resets session capabilities.

Public Method ScanPage

Initiates a scan.

Public Method SelectScanner

Displays the TWAIN device selection dialog.

Public Method SetCapabilitySets a TWAIN Capability in the current scanner session.

Public Properties

Public Property ApplicationReturns an Identity object used to describe your application.
Public Property CurrentSourceReturns/sets an Identity object specifying the default scanner.
Public Property DebugLogFileSpecifies the name of a file into which scanning debug information will be written.
Public Property LastErrorReturns an Error object describing the most recent error.
Public Property MaxPages

Specifies the maximum number of pages to be scanned after invoking the Scan method.

Public Property SourcesReturns a collection of Identity objects describing the scanners installed on the system.
Public Property TransferModeSelect the Transfer Mode between the twain driver and TWain control.


Public Event PageScanned

Occurs when the TWAIN device has acquired an image and also when the device is closed.

Only occurs when scanning is initiated by the Scan Method.

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