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The JPEG 2000 specification is a further development on the original JPEG file format. It supports both LOSSY and LOSSLESS compression schemes. It still uses many similar compression concepts including separating the Hue and Brightness to allow for differential compression of Black and White and color data. Many new options have been added including sampling sizes,color spaces, and tiling image information. Tiling allows for quicker access to a small portion of a large image.


The JPEG 2000 specification also includes a image to disk file format as well as information for streaming images. This format has a JP2 extension. We currently support the JP2 file format. We also support the J2C format, although this is not part of the standard. J2C files are simply image stream data written straight to disk without the normal image file headers..

Import Library


Export Library



Our current implementation of the JPEG 2000 standard uses the JasPer Software Library*[]. 


Read and Write


Data Type






Read Only


Data Int32

Values indicate source colorspace, UNKNOWN = 0, XYZ = 1, LAB = 2, GRAY = 3, RGB = 4, YCBCR = 5. We do not intrinsically support colorspaces once the image is loaded inside the control. Colorspaces are converted to RGB or a 256 palette image in the case of grayscale for display and manipulation. Not all colorspaces are supported since the specification also has support for custom colorspaces.


Write Only



Range between 1 and 100, 1 being the worst quality the highest compression, and 100 being the best quality with the lowest compression. Defaults to 75.


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