ImageMan ActiveX Control Version 8
MemoryFormat Property
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Specifies the format of images saved to memory using the hImageData Property.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property MemoryFormat As String


This property should be set to the standard 3-letter extension of the desired format. When using the hImageData property to get an image into a memory block, this property should be set before querying the hImageData property.


(Visual Basic)Copy Code
Dim hMemoryBlock As Long
Dim ImageSize As Long

' Save the Image in JPEG Format in Memory

ImageControl1.MemoryFormat = "JPG"

' hMemoryBlock will get the Handle to a global memory block containing
' the JPG Compressed image
hMemoryBlock = ImageControl1.hImageData

' Query the size of the JPG image in the memory block
ImageSize = ImageControl1.ImageDataSize

'Loading an image from a memory block
' Size of Image Data in memory block in bytes if known
ImageControl1.ImageDataSize = ImageSize

' hMemoryBlock is a Handle to a globally allocated memory block.
ImageControl1.hImageData = hMemoryBlock

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