ImageMan ActiveX Control Version 8
Magnification Property
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Returns/sets the percentage the image should be scaled by when being displayed.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property Magnification As Integer


The property should be set to the percentage scaling desired; i.e. to scale the image by 50% set this property to 50. This property should be used when the image is to be scaled by the same percentage on both axes. If each axis needs a different scale percentage then the ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight properties should be used to scale the image.

When the ScaleWidth or ScaleHeight properties have been set manually then this property's value will be invalid.

This property does not scale the image only its screen representation. Use the ScaleImage method to scale the actual Image.


(Visual Basic)Copy Code
' Display the image at 50% of actual size
ImageControl1.Magnification = 50

' Do the refresh to redraw the Image

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