ImageMan ActiveX Control Version 8
hImage Property
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Returns/sets the internal ImageMan handle for an image.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property hImage As Integer


This property is used to copy images between ImageMan Image controls. By using the DstRight and DstBottom properties the image can be scaled as it is copied into the new control. By default the image is copied at the same size.

The portion of the image that is copied can also be specified by using the SrcLeft, SrcTop, SrcRight and SrcBottom properties. By default, these properties are set to the entire image.


(Visual Basic)Copy Code
' Make a 100x100 Thumbnail of the Image in ImageControl1 in ImageControl2
ImageControl1.DstRight = 100
ImageControl1.DstBottom = 100
ImageControl2.hImage = ImageControl1.hImage

' Resize the image in the control to half its original size
ImageControl1.DstRight = ImageControl1.ImageWidth / 2
ImageControl1.DstBottom = ImageControl1.ImageHeight / 2
ImageControl2.hImage = ImageControl1.hImage

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