ImageMan FX Control Version 8
FX Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method AboutBoxDisplays AboutBox for control.
Public Method AddImageAdds image and effects to end of play list.
Public Method ClearListClears all images.
Public Method LoadImageLoads the internal image into memory, pass in -1 to load all.
Public Method LoadListLoad play list into control.
Public Method MoveImageMoves image to given index and arranges list accordingly.
Public Method PlayPlays a given image, pass in -1 to play all.
Public Method RemoveImageRemoves specified image and effect.
Public Method SaveListSave play list currently in control.
Public Method WorkShopStarts up the Workshop for working with play files.

Public Properties

Public Property BackColor 
Public Property BaseDirBase Directory for images.
Public Property BorderColor 
Public Property BorderVisible 
Public Property BorderWidth 
Public Property ContinuousContinue to cycle through all images.
Public Property DirectionDirection of effect.
Public Property EffectUsed to draw image.
Public Property Enabled 
Public Property FixedPaletteUse on 256 color systems.
Public Property GlobalDelayDelay applied to all images when played continuosly.
Public Property ImageImage associated with effect.
Public Property ImageCountNumber of images in play list.
Public Property ImageDelayDelay added to global delay for given image.
Public Property ModifierEffect Modifier.
Public Property MouseIcon 
Public Property MousePointer 
Public Property Step1Increment, speed, or size of effect.
Public Property Step2Increment, speed, or size of effect.
Public Property TabStop 
Public Property Window 


Public Event NewImage 

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