ImageMan ActiveX
Conversion Overview

Converting Applications from previous versions of ImageMan ActiveX Suite to Version 8

This version of ImageMan does include some breaking changes which will require you to make code changes in applications that used previous versions of the ImageMan controls.


Image Control Changes


Twain Control Changes

The Twain control has undergone a major overhaul allowing it to fully support all TWAIN capabilities including setting, getting and negotiation of all TWAIN Spec V 1.9 capabilities.

Old Property

Use in version 8


Use .Application.ProductName Property


Use NegotiateCapability


Use NegotiateCapability


Set CurrentSource to Sources.Item(n)


Use NegotiateCapability


Use NegotiateCapability

Scan event

Does not require an event, if using ScanPage method. When using the Scan method, you will now replace the Scan Event with PageScanned event.

Scan Done Event

Replaced by the PageScanned event is fired when the scan is closed.

ScanLeft, ScanTop

Areas to scan are defined by either the Frame or Layout objects.

ScanRight, ScanBottom

Areas to scan are defined by either the Frame or Layout objects.


Returns a collection of Identity objects  describing the TWAIN devices found on the system.


Use .Sources.Count property.


Options are now either Native or Memory (replacing Buffered)


Use NegotiateCapability


Use NegotiateCapability


Special Effects Control Changes

No breaking code changes


Plugin Control Changes

No breaking code changes



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