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ImageMan.Net Version 3.22 Released

30. May 2014 12:05

ImageMan.Net Version 3.22 is now available for download.

We're suggesting that folks download this release as soon as possible as it resolves several issues that could particularly appear when running on x64 platforms.

Issues resolved in this release include:

  • [IMN-91] - OpenImageDialog fails to properly return large selections of images
  • [IMN-92] - OpenImageDIalog image preview may not display on x64 platforms
  • [IMN-93] - ImImage Set_Palete error on x64
  • [IMN-94] - Possible exception on x64 system when scaling images


  • [IMN-95] - Building with latest PDF Rasterizer Code
For those customers with active subscriptions the update can be downloaded from the My Products page.  The trial can be downloaded from the Trials page.
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