Product and Development Musings

ImageMan.Net Version 2.09 is available

4. March 2011 06:08

The next release of our ImageMan.Net components is now available for downloading. The installation can be downloaded from the My Products page or from the Trial Downloads page.

Among the enhancements and bug fixes are:

  • Faster PDF Import support in the PDFDecoder class. The memory usage was also reduced particularly helping when importing files with a large number of pages.
  • Performance improvements when reducing the bit depth depth of images to 1 bit using the ModifyBitdepthCommand class.
  • Fixes to a couple of small memory leaks in the PDF & TIFF Decoder/Encoder classes. In a long running service type application these could cause problems so its important to update if you have any longer running applications.
  • Fixed a slow startup issue on a few machines that was caused by the RSACrypto code used in our licensing.
  • A host of other minor updates which can be found in the release notes on the My Products page.
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