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Automatic Debug Logging in FaxMan 4

10. December 2009 05:19

There will be times when you will need to know what's going on behind the scenes with the FaxMan SDK - you've added new features that aren't working quite yet or our technical support staff has requested debug logs to help you troubleshoot issues with sending or receiving faxes.  In an effort to make this as easy as possible, we've introduced automatic debug logging in version 4.6 of our FaxMan SDK.  Developers familiar with our previous versions will no longer have to use the command line "/d" option.

Port specific data is stored in a file for each day and port with the filename in the format Portxx-yyyymmdd.log where xx is the com port number and yyyymmdd is the date.   FaxMan log data is stored in a file in the format, faxman-yyyymmdd.log where yyyymmdd is the date.

These files, by default, are stored for 3 days.  You can change this by modifying the DaysToRetain FaxMan server configuration option (please refer to our documentation on how to modify these settings).  If you want to keep only a single day's worth of logs, for instance, set DaysToRetain equal to 1.

You'll find the logs in the same directory as the FaxMan4.exe file (typically the Windows System32 directory for 32-bit machines).

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