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ImageMan.Net Version 3.22 Released

30. May 2014 12:05

ImageMan.Net Version 3.22 is now available for download.

We're suggesting that folks download this release as soon as possible as it resolves several issues that could particularly appear when running on x64 platforms.

Issues resolved in this release include:

  • [IMN-91] - OpenImageDialog fails to properly return large selections of images
  • [IMN-92] - OpenImageDIalog image preview may not display on x64 platforms
  • [IMN-93] - ImImage Set_Palete error on x64
  • [IMN-94] - Possible exception on x64 system when scaling images


  • [IMN-95] - Building with latest PDF Rasterizer Code
For those customers with active subscriptions the update can be downloaded from the My Products page.  The trial can be downloaded from the Trials page.

ImageMan.Net Twain Version 3.20

8. May 2014 05:22

The latest ImageMan.Net Twain release is now available.

This release includes the following updates:

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2013 including C# and VB.Net samples
  • Updated help with additional HowTo topics
  • Updated samples
  • Scanner compatibility updates

This is a free update to all registered ImageMan.Net Twain users and can be downloaded  from the Trial Downloads and the My Products pages on our website.

New ImageMan.Net Twain V 3.10 Release

13. March 2012 05:46

We've also been hard at work shipping a new release of our ImageMan.Net Twain components. V 3.10 features support for the Twain ExtImageInformation mechanism for getting specialized information such as barcode info, type, mag stripe information, endorser text and more from scanners that support it.

All your application has to do is to tell the Twain control what ExtImageInformation items you want to query and after each scanned page it will return the information from the scanner to your application.

Keep in mind that these features such as barcode recognition are generally only supported in higher end scanners such as those from Canon and Fujitsu as well as specialty scanners.
V 3.10 can be downloaded at no charge from the My Products page.

ImageMan.Net Version 3.01 Released

2. November 2011 09:54

ImageMan.Net Standard & Document Editions Version 3.01 is now available. This is a maintenance release that also includes a couple of enhancements listed below. The update can be downloaded from the My Products page on our website.

Release Notes - ImageMan.Net - Version 3.01

** Bug
    * [IMN-2] - PDFDecoder creates ImImage with Resolution set to 0
    * [IMN-3] - Installer fails to run toolbox app
    * [IMN-5] - ScaleCommand doesnt set Resolution on processed image
    * [IMN-10] - Exception in ExifParser when a duplicate tag exists
    * [IMN-12] - PdfDecoder class throws NullReference exception from .Load if .Stream property not set, should throw a more meaningful exception
    * [IMN-15] - Memory leak in Deskew Command

** Improvement
    * [IMN-4] - Add missing content to PDF Decoder help
    * [IMN-8] - Update viewer control scollbar thumbs so they show the relative portion of the image displayed
    * [IMN-14] - Minimize number of trial dialog displays at build and runtime

ImageMan.Net Version 3 is now shipping

28. September 2011 10:49

Yes, the next release of our award winning ImageMan.Net Standard & Document edition imaging components is now available. ImageMan.Net Version 3 includes:

  • 32 & 64 bit assemblies
  • Assemblies for .Net 2.0 and .Net 4.0
  • Reading and Writing of EXIF data is supported by the JPG Encoder and Decoder classes
  • New subscription based licensing model
  • Visual Studio 2010 Sample applications in C# and VB.Net
  • Many other new enhancements and performance tweaks



With the release of Version 3 we have also switched to an annual subscription model which will provide developers will all the new major upgrades and updates we develop throughout the year as well as email and forums support. Developers who would like phone based support can also sign up for an optional priority phone support plan.

We've also adopted a new development model with Version 3 which means we'll be providing you with more frequent updates and with major new functionality released over each subscription period. Some of the new features we'll be releasing over the next year includes new searchable PDF support, optional JPBIG encoder and decoder which will provide even better compression for 1 bit images than TIFF group 4 and much more.

Discounted upgrade pricing is available for all current ImageMan.Net developer as well as for users of the ActiveX and DLL components, pricing for the various upgrade options are available after logging in to your My Products page.

A fully functional trial of ImageMan.Net Version 3 can be downloaded from here.

ImageMan.Net Version 3 Beta is here

7. July 2011 14:32

It's here, we've released beta 1 of the ImageMan.Net components. This release includes:

  • 32 and 64 bit Assemblies
  • .Net 2.0 and .Net 4.0 assemblies
  • faster PDF import with less memory consumption
  • EXIF reading/writing support for JPG
  • Performance improvements in the Codecs as well as other image processing classes
  • Misc enhancements such as the hDIB property in the ImImage object

Email us at to request a copy of the download details.


The ImageMan.Net Dev Team

ImageMan.Net V 2.10 is now available

7. March 2011 09:54

Ok, so what can we say, as soon as we shipped V 2.09 we discovered an issue using the Thumbnail control in Visual Studio 2010 on certain systems. We’ve fixed that issue and released Version 2.10.

We sorry for any inconvenience but wanted to eliminate this issue before it affected any other users.

The installation can be downloaded from the My Products page or from the Trial Downloadspage.

ImageMan.Net Version 3 Beta Testers Needed

4. March 2011 08:19

Spring is officially here and our developers have been busy all winter getting ready to release our ImageMan.Net Version 3.0 components and we are looking for a few good beta testers to help us make sure it’s the best release possible and to make sure we haven’t done anything stupid.

So what’s new in Version 3 ?

  • .Net 4.0 and .Net 2.0 components – No more hassles with app.config when using the existing components in a .Net 4.0 framework application
  • 64 Bit components – Native 64 bit components allow you deploy your applications as 32 or 64 bits.
  • Exif read and write support in the JpegEncoder and JpgDecoder classes including support for the GPS tags.
  • Enhancements to the PDFEncoder class when writing searchable PDF files. Search terms are now highlighted at the appropriate locations on the image.
  • Enhancements to the viewer and thumbnail controls provide even richer functionality.
  • Performance tweeks to the Encoders and Decoders to speed up image loading and saving.

So if you are interested in using this new code and providing us with feedback please let us know at and we’ll get you signed up. We anticipate releasing the beta in mid to late March.

ImageMan.Net Version 2.09 is available

4. March 2011 06:08

The next release of our ImageMan.Net components is now available for downloading. The installation can be downloaded from the My Products page or from the Trial Downloads page.

Among the enhancements and bug fixes are:

  • Faster PDF Import support in the PDFDecoder class. The memory usage was also reduced particularly helping when importing files with a large number of pages.
  • Performance improvements when reducing the bit depth depth of images to 1 bit using the ModifyBitdepthCommand class.
  • Fixes to a couple of small memory leaks in the PDF & TIFF Decoder/Encoder classes. In a long running service type application these could cause problems so its important to update if you have any longer running applications.
  • Fixed a slow startup issue on a few machines that was caused by the RSACrypto code used in our licensing.
  • A host of other minor updates which can be found in the release notes on the My Products page.

ImageMan.Net Twain Version 3 is now shipping

10. January 2011 07:33

The next release of our ImageMan.Net Twain toolkit is now available for downloading. Despite the major new functionality this is a free update to existing licensed users. The installation can be downloaded from the My Products page or from the Trial Downloads page.

Among the major new features are:

  • Support for 32 & 64 Bit applications with the same assembly
  • Support for the latest TWAIN Version 2.1 specification
  • New task oriented online help
  • Visual Studio 2010 Help format included
  • .Net 2.0 and 4.0 assemblies
  • New properties to select the version of TWAIN used
  • TwainAvailable property to confirm TWAIN data source manager is installed

64 Bit TWAIN Issues
We’ve had lots of folks asking about TWAIN support for their 64 applications and this release adds that support. However due to the architecture of the TWAIN support for 64 applications it will only support 64 bit TWAIN drivers. As of now there are not many, if any, true TWAIN Version 2.x 64 bit drivers that we are aware of. This means that applications that must support twain should continue to run as 32 bit applications for compatibility with the most installed scanners drivers. This limitation is a part of TWAIN and not specific to the ImageMan.Net Twain toolkit.

Scanner Manufacturers and 64 Bit drivers
So from a practical standpoint until manufacturers start producing 64 bit drivers it’s not practical to have 64 bit scanning applications. Note that some manufacturers are saying they have 64 bit drivers for 64 bit operating systems but in actuality they just have 32 bit TWAIN 1.9 drivers that run on 64 bit operating systems. These are not the same as a true TWAIN Version 2.x 64 bit driver.

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