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ImageMan.Net Version 3.01 Released

2. November 2011 09:54

ImageMan.Net Standard & Document Editions Version 3.01 is now available. This is a maintenance release that also includes a couple of enhancements listed below. The update can be downloaded from the My Products page on our website.

Release Notes - ImageMan.Net - Version 3.01

** Bug
    * [IMN-2] - PDFDecoder creates ImImage with Resolution set to 0
    * [IMN-3] - Installer fails to run toolbox app
    * [IMN-5] - ScaleCommand doesnt set Resolution on processed image
    * [IMN-10] - Exception in ExifParser when a duplicate tag exists
    * [IMN-12] - PdfDecoder class throws NullReference exception from .Load if .Stream property not set, should throw a more meaningful exception
    * [IMN-15] - Memory leak in Deskew Command

** Improvement
    * [IMN-4] - Add missing content to PDF Decoder help
    * [IMN-8] - Update viewer control scollbar thumbs so they show the relative portion of the image displayed
    * [IMN-14] - Minimize number of trial dialog displays at build and runtime

Urgent: ImageMan.Net Version 2.06 Update

18. March 2010 06:12

We have released ImageMan.Net V 2.06 which contains a critical fix for all users of ImageMan.Net V 2.xx. Due to a buildserver issue, versions of 2.xx prior to 2.06 will fail to load on April 1, 2010 and display a Beta Expired dialog.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

ImageMan.Net Version 2.05 is available

10. March 2010 08:41

V 2.05 of ImageMan.Net is now available for downloading from the My Products page.

This is a maintenance release that includes the following changes:

  • New Deskew algorithm is faster and more accurate
  • Faster redraw speeds in the ImageMan Viewer control when using iannotations in the document edition
  • Fixed a bug which caused problems when rotating images with an axis > 32K in size
  • Fixed an issue with the DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.dll manifest file which caused a failure when deploying with Clickonce
  • Several other minor fixes

FaxMan V 4.6 Released

6. August 2009 08:25

V 4.6 of the FaxMan SDK is now available for downloading from the My Products page.


This is a maintenance release that includes the following changes:

  • 64 Bit Printer Drivers for Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  • FaxMan now automically logs all com port activity into trace files which are automatically removed after a user specified interval. This eliminates the need to startup faxman in debug and try to duplicate a faxing issue.
  • Class 1 sending more robust when line issues after dialing, previous versions would error out when receiving an ERROR or Timeout after the initial CONNECT after dialing, now we resend a +FRH=3 when that occurs.
  • AutoDetect automatically sets the proper init string for Hardware flow control for USR modems.
  • Changes were made to the Transmit code to be more robust when data is received when we are sending the page data. In some prior builds we would not properly handle this leading to No Reponse to MPS/EOP or timeout issues.
  • All FaXMan redistributable files are digitally signed
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