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ImageMan.Net Twain Version 3

3. September 2010 09:12

The next release of our ImageMan.Net Twain toolkit is ready for beta testing and we are looking for testers.

Among the major new features are:

  • Support for 32 & 64 Bit applications with the same assembly
  • Support for the latest TWAIN Version 2.1 specification
  • New task oriented online help
  • .Net 2.0 and 4.0 assemblies
  • New properties to select the version of TWAIN used

If you are interested in trying out this beta release please drop us a line at and we’ll get you a trial.

64 Bit TWAIN Issues

We’ve had lots of folks asking about TWAIN support for their 64 applications and this release adds that support. However due to the architecture of the TWAIN support for 64 applications it will only support 64 bit TWAIN drivers. As of now there are not many, if any, true TWAIN Version 2.x 64 bit drivers that we are aware of. This means that applications that must support twain should continue to run as 32 bit applications for compatibility with the most installed scanners drivers. This limitation is a part of TWAIN and not specific to the ImageMan.Net Twain toolkit.

Scanner Manufacturers and 64 Bit drivers

So from a practical standpoint until manufacturers start producing 64 bit drivers it’s not practical to have 64 bit scanning applications. Note that some manufacturers are saying they have 64 bit drivers for 64 bit operating systems but in actuality they just have 32 bit TWAIN 1.9 drivers that run on 64 bit operating systems. These are not the same as a true TWAIN Version 2.x 64 bit driver.

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