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ImageMan.Net Version 2 Beta 1 Available

16. September 2009 10:01

Its finally happened, our next release of ImageMan is now available in beta form. This new release adds a whole set of exciting features that our users have requested including royalty free OCR support, Annotation support and more.

With the Version 2 release ImageMan will be available in two editions, the standard edition which has a feature set similar to the current release and the Document Edition which adds new document processing orientated features.
New Features in all ImageMan.Net editions
  • Drawing classes support drawing on all images at their native bitdepths
  • Performance and Misc enhancements to the Codecs
  • Misc enhancements to the Viewer and ThumbnailViewer controls
Feature in the new Document Edition
  • OCR - Royalty Free distribution
    • Annotations Support
    • Annotation component
    • Annotation Toolstrip component
    • Support for reading and writing WANG imaging format annotation data
  • Document Processing Commands including Blank Page Detection, Border removal, Despeckle and more
  • Support for reading and writing PDF/A and writing searchable PDF files with the optional PDF Import & Export Addons
  • Histogram And Pixel Count Methods
This beta release is feature complete and includes a host of new samples in C# and VB.Net for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. This release of ImageMan now requires Version 2.0 or greater of the .Net Framework.
Note that the assemblies in this release will stop working at the end of the year so we do not recommend its use for any production code.
Please be sure to check out the new samples and help for information on using these new features. We will also be adding some tutorial videos on using these new features on our website.
We look forward to your comments, questions and suggestions about this release. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for how our components can simplify your imaging application needs. Beta users who provide feedback and suggestions will be eligible for an extra discount on the upgrade to Version 2 as a special thanks for helping us with this release.

To signup for the beta please email us at


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